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We have identified the need to have have a diverse & inclusive yarn festival event here in beautiful Colorado. A place with huge potential since we have four seasons, a long winter, beautiful landscape, mountains and skiing. We want everybody: teachers, vendors, sponsors and attendees to feel welcomed,
accepted, respected and safe – regardless of ability, appearance, skills, race, age, color, gender, sexuality,
nationality or religious belief.

Our idea was to bring different kinds of teachers to the event, local and international with some of them from Argentina, Peru and Portugal besides the United States. Also, we want to have a variety of vendors both local and foreign.

Bringing together an event like KNOBLE YARN FEST takes a lot of full-time work. There’s no big company behind the scenes but a strong work family of three committed to it, we deal with every aspect of the promotion and organization of the show ourselves. For the event to be successful we have secured great
teachers and vendors and of course the support of our sponsors. Finally, during the weekend of our event, we will have a group of volunteers that will help us to provide the attendees with a great experience.

We put together many national and international teachers and vendors who will offer classes and products related with the fiber art. Knoble yarn fest will offer knitting, felting, weaving and crocheting workshops taught by professional and well-known designers that will come from all around the world.

fun for the whole family

There will be a variety of entertaining activities during the weekend for the attendees and their spouses and families.


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Greeley History Museum Presentation: 
World War I Home Front Making

This is a special presentation at the Greeley History Museum that focuses on home front making, primarily knitting and sewing, within the home during World War I. Katie Ross, Assistant Curator of Collections, will be speaking about the topic and bring distinctive items from the Museum’s collections for you to view. Items pulled from the Museum’s collections will also include items from crafts that are not discussed during the main presentation, such as weaving and spinning. Included with the presentation is admission to the Museum’s exhibits either before or after the 12:15 pm presentation. Presentation run time is about 30 minutes. Please note that no food or drinks are allowed in the presentation or exhibit spaces.
Date: Friday, February 14th, 2020
Time: 12:15 pm
Cost: $5/persont.





Loop  will take 60 minutes for  trolley to complete and would go from 12pm-8pm on Friday and 12pm to 8pm on Saturday. The trolley seats 25 but can hold up to 40 sitting and standing and will cost $15.00 for a day pass for patrons of the conference. Loop will start at the venue (Greeley Mall).


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