With over 1000 designs in print, Melissa Leapman is one of the most widely-published American crochet and knit designers at work today.

As a freelance designer, she’s worked with leading ready-to-wear design houses in New York City. Also, top yarn companies commission Melissa to create designs promoting their new and existing yarns each season; her popular patterns and name recognition help them sell yarn.

Leapman is the author of several bestselling knit and crochet books, including Cables Untangled, Mastering Color Knitting, and Knitting the Perfect Fit (all published by Random House). She’s is the author of The Knit Stitch Pattern Handbook (Random House/Potter Craft, 2013), a comprehensive knitting stitch dictionary which includes favorite patterns gathered over her more than 25 years in the industry. It’s the go to book for professionals and lay persons alike.

Two crochet books launched in 2016: Melissa Leapman’s Indispensable Stitch Collection for Crocheters and Designer Crochet Accessories.

In February of 2017, her largest and most important work to date, 6000+ Pullover Possibilities was released by Soho Books. This title offers interchangeable sweater pieces to allow the reader to knit customized women’s sweaters in nearly any gauge and in nearly every size.

In December of 2018, Storey Publishing is releasing Leapman’s next book, Knitting Modular Shawls, Wraps, and Stoles, a fantastic plug and play concept design book.

elissa has been a featured guest on numerous television shows including Knit and Crochet Now on PBS, is the host of several Leisure Arts knitting and crocheting DVDs, and has written many crochet and knit leaflets for Leisure Arts and Annie’s. Additionally, her designs are popular on web-based venues such as Craftsy, Ravelry, and LoveKnitting.com.

In addition, Leapman has launched several Craftsy classes. Sign up to get Melissa’s personal attention as you learn—and master—new techniques!

Nationally, her workshops are popular with crafters of all levels. She teaches at every major knitting and crochet event, including VKLive and the CGOA/TKGA shows, as well as at nearly every TNNA industry trade show for the past twelve years. Additionally, she has appeared at hundreds of yarn shops and local guild events nationally and internationally, working approximately 25 events every year, including one or two knit/crochet cruises.

To keep up with Leapman and her designs, to participate in her knitalongs, and to have a sneak peek into her world, “like” her page on Facebook and join her fan group on Ravelry.com (Melissa Leapman Rocks).

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Andre de Castro

My name is André de Castro and I live in Porto, Portugal. I’m a knitwear designer, researcher and instructor. I also have degrees in design and fashion illustration. My first training is as classical violinist but about 8 years ago I decided to embrace the passion I had for crafts and start to dedicate myself entirely to knitting. From that moment on I was totally surrendered and since then I have been traveling around Europe to learn and develop in depth the most diverse aspects related to the subject. Something that interests me is to get to know and learn the techniques that are traditional in each country. At this moment my main focus is the Portuguese Style of Knitting and taking this tradition abroad using the techniques from my country as a source of inspiration. As there are not so many variants of knitting in Portugal I decided to develop a way of using the Portuguese Knitting Style applied to all kinds of knitting techniques in order to make them more effective, simple and quick to execute. Since 2016 I dedicate my time designing patterns that I am starting to launch for the international public, teaching all over the country and developing the Portuguese technique, so that all people from other parts of the world can learn from someone native and who loves what he does. In 2019 I taught on a Knitting Retreat in Italy and I’m engaged to teach at Perth Festival of Yarn (Scotland), and Barcelona Knits (Barcelona).


 Julia McPrang

Julia Mackeprang is an Argentinian teacher, designer, YouTuber and podcaster, specialist in crochet, that has pass more than half of her life dedicated to knitting and crocheting transforming it into her profession.
She started her journey in textiles more than 15 years ago with knitting, then she did macramé, loom and finally crochet. She researched this technique until it developed into being her full time job. She has become an independent designer, looking to create vibrant and colorful designs with interesting structures. In the last 3 years she has exclusively to design garments. With the use of color in her designs she plays and expresses herself through them. Julia had worked for two important Argentinian publishers related to yarn: in 2016-2018 was part od the designer staff od Evia Ediciones, publishing a total of 13 magazines. In 2013 se published a mini book with El Arte de Tejer. Also she has international collaborations with the Spain Editorial The Sewing Box Magazine were she represented her country.
Since 2017 she has developed a project called “Misas Crocheteras”. An online format free classes, post casted from her Facebook fan page. With more than 1000 people in her audience and more than 100 episodes, these post casts have consolidated her community, interacting with them on a weekly bases.
She has been invited to participate as an instructor in the festival called “La Nonina Fest” organized by @lanoninatejedora that will take place on November 2019 in Santiago, Chile. Her ledge: “I believe that together we can make a thread that become strong form individuality to the collective and in the reverse. I believe in knitting to believe. And in creating to transform! My pledge? I am knitbeing! In a continuously, sincerely, deep present!


 Bex Oliger

Bex Oliger grew up in her mother’s (Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser) Hillcreek Fiber Studio. She started learning weaving and natural dyeing at a young age and has traveled the country for 38 year with the family business vending and tea;ching at Fiber, Weaving and Knitting Shows. She helped design and weave several projects and assisted with many workshops highlighted in Carol Leigh’s books, The Continuous Strand Weaving Method and Nature Provides: Dyes for Rainbows. Bex is now a knitwear designer; knitting, weaving, and natural dyeing instructor and consultant; and owns Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe in Columbia, MO.


Rebecca from Storyteller

Once Upon a Time – two fiber artists found each other in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. Cheri and Rebecca share a mutual love of Punch Needle Rug Hooking and all things wool. Together they formed the creative collaboration that is StoryTeller Wool LLC. Cheri and Rebecca, both certified Oxford Punch Needle Rug Hooking instructors, teach beginning and advanced classes in Northern Colorado and the greater Denver area. In addition to education, StoryTeller Wool LLC has its own line of hand dyed rug wool and carries a variety of fine rug hooking supplies


Tejiendo Peru

Tejiendo Perú is the first knitting website with video tutorials in Peru to reach people through the Internet.
Since its inception in 2009, the creators of this space, Esperanza Rosas and her daughter, Ana Celia Rosas, set out to be a tool for those who seek to learn how to knit
but, above all, they set the goal of being a friendly place where people can go to find in knitting their best ally in companionship.
In Tejiendo Perú you can find videos, photos, and written instructions on how to make a piece from start to finish.
The only requirement to participate is knowing how to share.
We were born with loveTejiendo Perú was born in honor of the memory of Patty, daughter and sister of those who run this space today.
Patty passed away 13 years ago due to breast cancer that took her when she was 39.Esperanza, her mother, was at her side taking care of her and the way she found to distract herself was knitting, an art she learned as a child and that she shares with the world through Tejiendo Perú, so that, more people can find in knitting a way of companionship and fun. «What I do is give a little of what I know, so that, other people can find a distraction tool in knitting. If what I’m passionate about helps another, then I have fulfilled my goal”, says Esperanza Rosas, founder of Tejiendo Perú.

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